This time, the meeting of the New Year itself and the next weekend will not be as we used to – we will have to avoid a large crowd of people, and cultural events have been postponed indefinitely. However, this does not mean at all that the holidays will be boring. We’ll tell you what you can do with friends or family. Save to bookmarks!

Culture Exchange

A great way to create a mood for yourself and have a great day. The rules are very simple: you and your friends choose a country, first study its features, then decide on the day and arrange a themed party. If you plan to invite everyone to your place, prepare the room. To do this, you can decorate the walls or furniture with themed decor, as for clothes, you can purchase traditional outfits in advance, but you can also get by with your own wardrobe. Rest assured that guests will not remain indifferent to traditional food and drinks, so pay special attention to this moment.

To the park for new experiences

For city dwellers, there is a great way to spend time outdoors: there are probably parks that you have not had time to explore. We take friends and family and go for a walk. Check in advance if there is an ice rink in the park where you can warm up and lose the extra calories that you managed to gain at the New Year’s table. Do not be lazy and try to spend the holidays actively, but do not forget to maintain a social distance.

Christmas baking

If you are not a fan of activities, you should not step over yourself, think about what you could do at home with friends. We suggest arranging a baking day and baking curly cookies. There are a huge number of recipes and baking techniques, so you just have to choose the one you like. Be sure to involve friends in the work – give everyone tasks: someone kneads the dough, someone comes up with a decor, and someone entertains stories. It will not be boring!

Music has tied us

On New Year’s Eve itself, you can entertain guests with an excellent competition. In a sense, this entertainment can be called a musical “Crocodile”. The bottom line is that each participant thinks of a famous dance that everyone knows, and tries to depict it without music. The rest of the guests must guess the artist and the song for which the dance is staged. The competition is incredibly fun, especially when accompanied by delicious food and drinks.