There is a saying: “The stupid learn from their mistakes, and the smart ones learn from strangers.” I, apparently, belong to the first category, but it does not upset me at all, but on the contrary. After all, having got into an unpleasant situation related to a car, and having solved the problem, I, as an auto mechanic, gain invaluable experience and in the future I am happy to share it with other car owners, thereby trying to protect them from trouble.

Therefore, here are some tips on what to do so that your New Year’s holidays are not overshadowed by troubles because of your car, from the personal experience of Yuri Sidorenko . This, of course, mainly applies to cars that remain for the holidays in the open parking in the yard. If there is an opportunity to park the car during the winter holidays in a warm, guarded parking lot, then some of the issues will be resolved.

New Year, on the one hand, is a holiday, meeting with loved ones and a fun feast, and on the other hand, it is an increased danger. Fireworks and alcohol often lead to sad consequences, and it is not uncommon for ambulances and firefighters to come to rescue people, whose passage is obstructed by cars parked in the courtyards for some unknown reason. It often happens that large fire trucks, making their way to the place of extinguishing, hit parked cars while their owners sleep peacefully after a feast.

– move the car to a paid parking lot, or leave the car so that a large car can squeeze through – this is at least 3 meters. In all other cases, there may be problems.

– be sure to leave a phone number under the windshield so that you can be contacted and the car can be quickly rearranged.

– also in advance, before the New Year parking, pay attention to the condition of the wheels. If something lets down, contact the tire service and fix the problem. Even if the car does not start, you can always push it away with your hands, which is very problematic to do with a flat tire.

Second advice. Provide convenient access to the vehicle from the side where the battery is installed.

It is possible that the battery will be discharged due to the cold and prolonged parking of the car standing on the alarm. We’ll have to take it off and put it on charge or “light” it from another car. Therefore, park your car with these conditions in mind. Also, prepare in advance and put in access the tools with which the battery is unscrewed from the attachment point, as well as the wires for lighting. By the way, they should be in every car.

Third advice. Get in the habit of changing batteries in alarm key fobs, immobilizer tablets and electronic keys on New Year’s Eve.

We exclude car models where the keys contain batteries that are recharged from the ignition lock.

Believe me, this operation is not expensive at all if you do everything in advance. Do not forget that the batteries, according to the law of meanness, run out at the most inopportune moment. Believe me, it will be very upsetting when it will be impossible to start the car during the New Year holidays, because the battery has run out, and there seems to be nowhere to buy such a trifle, because everything is closed for the New Year holidays. After replacement, the key fobs must be checked for functionality. Don’t want to change? Then at least buy all the batteries you need in advance and a set of Chinese small screwdrivers so as not to unscrew the small bolts in the key chains with a knife. The keychain sat down, changed the battery, and everything is ok! Nerves, mood and time are saved.

Fourth advice. Refuel in advance.

Do not leave your car in a parking lot with an empty fuel tank. By the way, I do not recommend pouring it under the neck either – I will explain why later. 15–20 liters of good gasoline will be enough. And make sure that thieves’ access to the gas tank is closed so that the gasoline is not drained. This point, like the previous ones, I also deduced, based on my own experience. I’ll tell you this story.

Before the New Year put the car in the yard. The gasoline light had already been lit, but did not have time to refuel. On the second of January I went out, started, warmed up, while the family got together and left the house. Then they loaded into the car and drove off. First, of course, at the gas station, gasoline is at zero. I have three gas stations in the area nearby. Came to the nearest one, but it doesn’t work. There is no electricity. Here I have already tensed, there is no gasoline in the tank, I went to the second one closest to this one. And naturally, he did not hold out. Then everything is like in a bad comedy: looking for a canister, calling a taxi, drove to a gas station, then pouring gas from a canister without a funnel. After that, I never leave the car with an empty tank. Better to spend a little time before the holidays than half a day during the holidays.

And I also do not recommend leaving a car with a full tank filled under the neck for a long parking. God forbid, because of the temperature drop, gasoline will squeeze out from under the plug, and it will pour out. There is nothing more dangerous than a puddle of fresh gasoline next to a car.