Andrey Arshavin, after numerous scandals around his personal life, tries not to advertise with whom he meets. His fans, nevertheless, some time ago, by circumstantial evidence, realized that the player was not alone. Only now, no one could understand who his new chosen one was.
The secret became clear from the video of the ex-wife of Alexander Kerzhakov Milana Tyulpanova. She published on her instagram a report from the celebration of the birthday of her friend Tatyana Kozyrnova. And in the video you can see that Andrey Arshavin himself is present next to the birthday girl.

Milana immediately turned to the footballer, which he gave to Tatiana. He replied that he chose the money: so that the girl herself bought a suitable gift for herself. “I could have done more!” – Kozyrnova immediately joked.

She herself later, on her Instagram, without naming names, told about her lover. These eyes know the real me and accept who I am, with all the spectrum of my merits and individual characteristics. And every morning I look at him in the mirror with a big smile. “