This year, December 22 is expected with caution: some astrologers believe that something fateful should happen on this day due to the transition of the Earth to a new era , others refer to Vaenga’s negative predictions about this day, and scientists warn that from 20 to On December 22nd, the Earth’s magnetosphere will be excited.drama3sme.com decided to find out from the clairvoyant and tarologist Theresa Adam, what can we expect from December 22 and whether it is worth being afraid of him.

The whole situation around this number is somewhat exaggerated. In general, the whole year and specifically December have a partly negative impact on people and a certain course of events. To begin with, because of the situation with the coronavirus, people are simply morally so exhausted that any effect of the atmosphere on a person, any fluctuations and meteorological conditions can negatively affect the emotional state of a person. On December 22, there will be a strong magnetic influence, due to which many of us may feel unwell, difficult mood, mental disorders and some imbalance in the body. All this is connected with the passage of some planets close to the earth, ”said the clairvoyant.

I can’t say that someone will die that day, but the pressure, especially in hypertensive patients, can fluctuate greatly. If on this day you work, there is likely a misunderstanding and difficult relationships within the team. If on this day you will be at home with your family, then I advise you to choose the tactics of your behavior in advance. Excessive emotionality is useless here, try to look at all things calmly. Many of you, perhaps, are going to travel – I would like to warn you against flying on the 22nd. Difficult weather conditions can disrupt your plans, and flights can be postponed or simply canceled, ”said Adam.

However, not everything on this day will be so deplorable. If you have planned to move, for example, to another apartment or house within your city, this can be done easily, since your life will simply move to a new level, and it will be easy for you to live and communicate with your loved ones in a new place. I can tell housewives that on this day it is best to get rid of old things and put things in order at home, so that in the new year you will be accompanied by luck and love, ”the clairvoyant advised.