They were the first. “Classmates”. The social network that turned the world upside down. Remember how, thanks to Odnoklassniki, we found old friends who seemed to be lost forever? Have you studied the photos of your first love, who already has a family, children and a tummy? Reuniting with classmates and classmates who were suddenly scattered around the world?

Even today Odnoklassniki has remained that social network where, it seems, all haters turn into nice kind people who come here just to chat and find like-minded people.

But Odnoklassniki is also a bunch of modern services, from free video calls, games and music to online shopping and ordering a taxi.

And on the eve of the New Year, Odnoklassniki turned into a territory of magic, where miracles are born, dreams come true, and gifts are poured from a cornucopia.

Just go to Odnoklassniki, and you will have a unique opportunity to touch this magic and please your loved ones. In December, Millions of prizes and gifts await you at OK to share with those you care about. You just need to not be lazy and start your day with them.

The best gift is yours

On the eve of the holidays (and after that too) you can please your loved ones, friends and just those who sympathize with you. To do this, just go to the special section “Gift Showcase” and select a virtual gift that can be sent to any OK user. The recipient of the presentation, if he likes it, can accept it, and then it will be displayed on his avatar. Such an exchange of gifts will definitely cheer you up. And this is the most important thing that is needed before the holidays and what is so lacking at the end of this difficult year.

Have you chosen cute virtual presents in the Gift Showcase? Now you can try your luck and win a prize in a special New Year section with the telling name “Chest”. There are tons of amazing gifts to be found every day. Everyone who has registered in OK will be able to take part.

What is hidden in the “Chest”? A whole mountain of gifts – only here you do not choose them yourself, but rely on luck (spoiler – there are simply no losers). Inside the “Chest” you may get, for example, an unlimited subscription to the services of the social network “all inclusive”. Or an exclusive avatar frame. Want to subscribe to the invisible service? You too here. And if you’re lucky, then 50 OK will be credited to your account at once (for beginners, this is such a special currency that works only within the social network, on which you can buy achievements).

Also, during the drawing, you can become the owner of prizes from partners. There are also many of them, and they are all worthy of attention. The main thing is to be persistent: after all, the draw is held every day. One day – one gift. And the phrase “precious is not a gift” in this case certainly does not work. Because for participating in the drawing you will receive a guaranteed gift in any case.

Are you still here? Urgently follow the links, your main surprise is hidden somewhere here !

The promotion period is from 21.12.2020 to 30.12.2020 . Information about the organizer of the action, the rules for its holding, the number of prizes based on its results, the timing, place and procedure for receiving them on the ok.ru website .