The New Year not only begins the countdown, but also marks a new stage in our life. That is why psychologists recommend completing all cases in the outgoing year in order to spend time in the new one on further development, both professional and personal. Also, some things have no place in a new chapter in your life.

We clean the cache

Cleaning requires not only a desk, but our constant companion (no, not a telephone) – a computer or laptop. Clean up mail, go through search histories, clear cache, delete archived and unnecessary files from your hard drive, sort photos and videos that are still waiting in the wings. Don’t leave this “pleasure” for the holidays.

No paper blockages

Remember how many checks, papers and various coupons we keep at home, simply forgetting to throw it away, and sometimes just putting it on the table. Don’t carry all the paperwork into the new year, spend a few hours on the weekend sorting out the paper bales everyone has. Check all the documents, perhaps some of them are those that will never be needed, and therefore there is no need to store them. If you have unresolved business with banks or mobile operators, it is also recommended to close all transactions with which you plan to sort out, but still cannot find the time.

Tuning in for the positive

When we have dealt with paperwork and network problems, it’s time to get into our thoughts – we are trying to form a positive thinking. In modern conditions, it is quite difficult to stay in a good mood, but this is not a reason to wind yourself up and turn into an eternally dissatisfied person with life. Think about all the good things that happened to you this year specifically, and now imagine how many more positive things will happen next year, that is, very soon. Thoughts like these automatically elevate the mood you share with family and friends.

Filtering the environment

And the last thing worth “formatting” in your life is your social circle. It is known that people around us shape our consciousness, and therefore we must not allow other people’s opinion to influence our mood and plans, although sometimes we still succumb. Is there a toxic person in your environment, after communicating with whom you feel nothing but devastation? If there is even a hint of aggression in your direction or a refusal to accept your personality, communication with such a person should come to naught this year. There is still time!