We have already said many times that the New Year’s mood depends mostly on us, and therefore we continue to compose the menu for the festive table, think over images for New Year’s Eve and think about what wishes we will make to the chimes. At the same time, do not forget to think about decorating not only ate, but the whole house. Today we will tell you about the most optimal options for decorating an interior with lighting structures. Save to bookmarks.

Garlands of all kinds

Probably the most popular way of lighting during the holidays is with a garland. And if earlier we were content with only classic threads, today we can choose from many options:

“String”. A backlight that looks like an ordinary thread, but in fact, this thread can connect with other similar threads, allowing you to experiment with shapes and options for placing such a long thread around the perimeter of the room.

“Web”. A garland made in the form of a net. Most often used to decorate walls, windows and other vertical surfaces. If you find a narrow version of such a network, you can easily decorate cabinet doors or entrance doors with it.

Curtain light. A garland resembling a curtain. This option is easiest to place in a doorway, but we recommend decorating a window with it – it will turn out rather non-standard.


The second lighting option is candles of all shapes and sizes. However, it is important to remember here that open fire must be placed in accordance with all fire safety rules. But if you do not overdo it with the number of candles, you can create not just a festive, but also a romantic atmosphere, which will be an added bonus if you are celebrating the New Year with your significant other. This year, designers recommend abandoning complex shapes and figures made of wax and paraffin – replace them with classic candles of bright colors. Also, tall long candles have long gone from trends, but fragrant volumetric candles located on a coffee table are just an excellent option. For more effect, choose candles with an unobtrusive scent so that the smell does not have time to bother you until the 31st.

Night light

Even at night, you should not give up the lighting, of course, it should be muted, for which we suggest considering a night light. But we are talking about a holiday, and therefore, at least for the New Year’s weekend, look out for a nightlight in the form of a disco ball It will not require large expenditures of electricity, and if it does not raise the effect of overflows,