Nikita Panfilov is a memorable and charismatic actor. “Duhless”, the high-profile series “Travelers”, “Sweet Life”, “Major”, “Dog” show that he had defined his vocation correctly, although he dreamed of becoming a doctor. However, he also thought about marriage since kindergarten – in order to fall in love and live happily all his life. But only in the third marriage did they finally manage to find a perfect family model.

– Nikita, for the majority this year passed in a sad quarantine, and you celebrated a housewarming in a country house …

– Yes, I have long dreamed of becoming a “castle” and living on earth in my own house. We were lucky to buy an already built “box”. The person from whom we acquired the territory practically built up, brought his spouse for a surprise, and she said to him: “You took me from the village to return to the village again ?!”. I would have built the same myself. The house is beautiful, solid – foam block, brick, facing brick, but inside we ourselves have already invented everything with Ksenia.

– Just like your character in the TV series “Dog”! Also in the apartment is leather, brick …

– Not really. My hero inherited the apartment from his academician father, there is a huge library, everything is neglected, a bachelor’s den. And my wife and I wanted to live somewhere … in a castle. (Smiles.) At least this style is close. Of course, as practice has shown, a house is a hectic economy. You need to live there permanently, so that someone is sure to keep an eye on everything, both outside and inside … There are many difficulties, but they are rewarded with the forest next door, with their own garden, through which a tiny daughter runs barefoot and eats berries right from the bushes. And what a thrill to choose and plant fruit trees! With my own hands, I planted apple trees, pears, cherries, cherries, plums, even a Manchu nut.

– You are a farmer at heart.

– I like digging in the ground, but due to busyness it does not always work out. Therefore, in the spring I was glad of this unplanned vacation – I was busy with the house, playing with my daughter. But in general, of course, without a profession is sad. Moreover, when this has already been your way of life for many years, and you have long learned to harmoniously combine work and family and suffer when you are deprived of one of these things. It’s good that now the shooting has been resumed, “The Dog” has shot nine episodes, the TV series “Cunning” was recently shown, which I and my partners in this project – incredibly talented guys – have been waiting for. Among the premieres, I can also name “The Presumption of Innocence” on Channel One. Let’s face it, there are projects that it is better to keep silent about, but there are really worthwhile ones that I myself, as a spectator, would not have missed. And these are of those. I’m also happy

– Yes, and this is the second present this year – you were invited to the troupe of the State Maly Theater. It seems to me that he is not at all like the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov, where you served for ten years.

– I missed the stage and was happy when they called me. I came there, breathed in the smell of the wings, saw the spotlights and seemed to have found something familiar. At the Maly Theater, people are professional and sincere. This is an old school, and I’m still here in a “strange monastery”, but I’m fine.

– Do you still have dreams about the unplayed in your soul?

– When you are a student, you dream of playing at least something, at least somewhere, there is greed for absolutely everything. When we, first-year students of the Moscow Art Theater School, ran in the crowd at the performances, everyone tried to break out to the forefront in order to just dance a little closer to the audience. It didn’t matter to us that we came out only a couple of times with the words “Served to eat!”

– And there was no sadness on the old walls? Still, for some people the Moscow Art Theater in Kamergersky Lane is the pinnacle of a career, and you got there when you were young …

– Yes, only five people took us off the course. And our course was gifted, stellar, as they say now – Katya Vilkova, Anton Shagin, Maxim Matveev, Maryana Spivak, Peter Kislov, Ksenia Knyazeva. It was a desperate time – we slept for three hours, tried to outplay each other in sketches, and I was constantly afraid of being expelled. (Smiles.) Undoubtedly, joining the staff of the renowned theater is a definite milestone in fate. And for seven years everything went fine, but the last three years there was a kind of stagnation, and I no longer saw any reason to stay there. I strongly disagree with Stanislavsky’s sly phrase that there are no small roles – there are small actors. He simply did not have small roles, but they really do happen. And the actor can die in small roles, and this is unacceptable. In the legendary theater as well.

– How, in your opinion, can you combine quality material and financial viability in this area? You don’t have any additional business to play only in masterpieces.

– You need to look for something worthy and find love in what you do. For the sake of money, you should never agree. There are many examples when actors for the sake of a mortgage were harnessed to a long-playing “soap”, and this is where their journey ends. There is a huge risk that even after one such role, such a person will not be invited to any decent full-length movie.

– You are the audience’s favorite, but you also had a loud picture for a long time. Are you taking any action on this?

– I have a philosophical attitude to this and believe that it is necessary to work everywhere with full dedication. At the moment, the series have become large-scale, exciting. It’s great that this wave has come from Hollywood to us. I remember how I could not tear myself away from the text of “Winners” when it was sent to me. It was superbly written!

– I read that you yourself wrote the script and are planning to shoot your film as a director, is that true?

– Yes, and if not for the coronavirus, we would have already started production.

– For such things, the actor needs a certain courage …

– I agree. In my quest for perfection, I rewrote the material five times. I accumulated texture for more than one year – each story actually happened either in my life, or in the life of friends and colleagues. Nothing is fictional. Of course, the images are collective, but on a real basis, which is important.

– In your case, such a move is quite logical, because you were born in a creative family, your mother is a director, your father is also a director, a teacher. At the age of five, you have already played Tsarevich Ivan and you could hardly imagine any other alternative besides the sports one, since you are a candidate for master of sports …

– Well, for a while I saw myself as a surgeon, a traffic cop, but it was all not serious.

– A doctor must have a stable psyche, but you are sensitive, you can cry …

– Like any actor. It’s a matter of practice. Everything is achieved by exercise. Whichever area you go to, such qualities that are necessary in it will develop and prevail in you. Perhaps, if I became a surgeon, then my psyche would be more stable. I was deliberately shaking myself. I used to be a rather closed, introverted type, but then I changed dramatically. Life disposes to this – the film crews are constantly changing, there is daily communication with a large number of people.

– You have said more than once that you tend to change your guise and the real you are only among childhood friends. Why is this so?

– Excuse me, everyone does this: with the boss you are one person, at home with the child – another, with the parents – the third. And childhood friends know me as flaky, so it’s stupid to pretend with them.

– In principle, not everyone maintains their early friendship …

– And I like it when next to me people whom I have known for a very long time and whom I can trust. These are school comrades, army.

– You were thoroughly involved in Greco-Roman wrestling, even enrolled in the Olympic Reserve School … Did you have a carefree childhood?

– Undoubtedly. But the carelessness really ended abruptly when I was a teenager, in the ninth grade, on the advice of my coach, I went to a sports school.

– It turns out that you could well become an Olympic champion?

– Hardly, but who knows. I was not that fan of sports. The fact is that I have always hated the monotony in the profession in everyday craft. Permanent people and places are one thing, this is the rear, and events must change. Creativity must be present, without it I get bored. And in sports there are no changes and creativity: from day to day you are in the same suit, in the usual room, on the same carpet, you practice the same techniques … Only achievements can change.

– And you were accustomed to the stage from an early age, you were probably flattered by the attention, right?
– The main thing is that I did not perceive acting as a profession. For me it has always been an entertainment, a hobby. I saw how grandfather and grandmother earned money hard, and it seemed to me that work is when it is hard and you return home exhausted. But once I realized that you can combine your favorite hobby and work. My parents supported me, while it was obvious that this area was not too easy, with its own experiences and problems. In the nineties, in front of my eyes, my father’s bitter struggle for the Palace of Culture, which he headed, was unfolding. They wanted to organize a casino there, and he, literally sacrificing his health, recaptured it for the population. And to this day, in the Zodchie cultural center in the Kuntsevsky district, children, like me once, go to various circles. This is entirely the merit of the Pope. Unfortunately, most of the Houses of Culture in the capital were destroyed,

– Obviously, you have complete agreement with your parents. Has it always been this way?

“I rebelled as a teenager. It was very difficult. Always in confrontation with the school, with poor grades, with a blanche under the eye, with a torn off pioneer badge, crumpled tie … My older brother Ilya was more responsible. He was going to become a military man. Now he is a talented artist and photographer. And, by the way, it was he who instilled in me a passion for reading, for gaining knowledge. Half of what I know is thanks to him. I reached after him, looked at what he did, copied some pictures behind him …

– You still have a certain love of danger, you adore motorcycles, snowboarding, alpine skiing, paragliders, you were broadcasting Ultimate Tension on the My Planet channel …

– I need adrenaline, and I constantly want to try something new. And just in this program, I tested everything that fits into the body of a Hilux car. Something I liked more, something less, but it was great – to descend, slide, jump, fly off. And a double bonus that super-pro teaches you everywhere. So, on a mountain bike – on a mountain bike, next to me was a prize-winner, a champion of many races. It is clear that in two lessons it is impossible to learn from the master all the technique, but remembering important points is real. I remember we had to rush down the mountain, and he taught me to look ten meters ahead, and not at the front wheel, while releasing the brake. Trust me, it’s not easy. The champion also taught me to ride a snowboard, and I must say that this was also absolutely mine. So did the motocross bike I rode up the hills.

– Do you prefer active rest?

– Rather, a combination of active and lazy. You cannot run according to the plan every day on vacation, like at work. So we went to Georgia, and, probably, there were no sights left there, no matter what we visited. As a result, we got tired, and everything in my head got confused. Impressions are also erased if there are too many of them at once. It is better to exist on vacation in a leisurely rhythm, without fuss, enjoy free time, move somewhere not according to the list, but at will, then everything will be remembered.

– As an athlete, you probably felt the attention of the beautiful half of humanity to yourself early …

– In childhood, everyone said that I was pretty, but I did not attach any importance to this. But as a teenager I was already clumsy, awkward, my voice was changing … But I was always in the mood for love, in search of an ideal family from the age of five.

– So, you are essentially a romantic, although you often play cynics.

– Well, roles are offered based on appearance. And a romantic, by the way, such as in “Travelers”, I was before. Now it has changed.

– According to you, you are absolutely plush dad. I willingly believe in this, but the system of raising a two-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son is not at all the same. Do you agree?

– Certainly.I am sure that a son should be raised by a father and a daughter by a mother. It is clear that both parents are obliged to participate in the process, but just a kid who is brought up by women does not receive much, and this A dad is an authority for his son, who must both punish, if required, and support where necessary. Guys are an explosive mixture, dynamite, you need to be able to restrain it, and just by the forces of your father. But the girl must be a father’s daughter, a favorite, and then in the future she will have parity with the opposite sex, and there is no doubt that a man is a kind and generally beautiful creature, the best on earth. At the same time, it is the mother who should decide the main issues with her, and be strict as well. It seems to me that it is so right.

– Do you often see the eldest child from your second marriage?

– No Unfortunately. This is a sore subject. After the divorce, his mother and I do not have a relationship, and I still cannot communicate with Dobrynya as much as I would like. Alas, when the parents separate, the children suffer and become a stumbling block.

– Do you call him Dobrynya because it fits the middle name?

– Yes. And the daughter received the name Aurora, since she was born almost at dawn, like a morning star.

– What hobbies does your son have? Are you in principle similar to him?

– He played football, chess. And Dobrynya is literally I’m small – from the tips of my hair to the tips of my nails. By nature, he is a fighter, and in the little things I see similarities – he also bites his tongue when he painstakingly draws … And we have an excellent understanding with him.

– And how does Aurora show herself?

– She is the sweetest princess. Wise, benevolent. Recently we flew to rest on the sea, so she smiled at everyone on the plane, approached people to meet, talk. She sees no evil in anyone. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but she is a real gullible sun. And the actress already. By the way, brother and sister are very similar, both externally and internally. Dobrynya has seen only a photo of Aurora so far. I hope they will meet soon.

– Apparently, you are a responsible father – you were present at childbirth, and you take an active part in household chores with children …

– How could it be otherwise ?! This is already an instinct. Once I was alone in another country, and when a child was crying behind the wall, I jumped up on the machine and walked in the dark, sleepily not even realizing that I was far from my family.

– I’m a Taurus, and this zodiac sign is strongly focused on its nest. Even in kindergarten, I promised my mother to marry. Only in the family do I feel fully. After the first divorce, I went all out and made sure that it was destroying me. I never stayed with a girl until the morning, I felt dirty. In my world there should be a person next to me who is waiting for me and whom I can trust recklessly, also without hiding anything. This is my happiness.

– Your current third wife – Ksenia, left for you from St. Petersburg, leaving the medical institute. You say that there is a creative principle in it, what does this mean?

– The wife knows how to diplomatically find a balance. And it’s great that she is not an actress, but from a family of doctors. My mother-in-law is golden – she knows everything about the disease, will cure anyone. The fact is that when there is one actor in the family, this is already one hundred percent dominant, accustomed to proving that she is the best, so this fact must be able to accept without conflict. This is given to rare natures, which is why many of my colleagues have three or four marriages in their biographies. Units have one union for life. And when two actors live together for many years, this is evidence that they firmly agreed to close their eyes on some things on the shore.

– But Ksenia tried your craft on herself – she played in episodes in “Dog”, in “Reckoning”. Was it her initiative?

– Certainly. She auditioned, I worked with her. She was very curious.

– Obviously, you tend to bring a certain basis to all aspects of life: to raising children, and to gender relations. Then tell me, but how, after betrayal, to regain self-confidence, trust in the world …

– You just need to explain to yourself that this particular person betrayed, and everything will be fine when you really meet yours. And when this meeting happens, you fall in love and are ready to take risks. But treason, unlike ordinary offensive words, some stupid deeds, cannot be forgiven in any case – you must immediately leave. If you forgive, they will decide that everything is possible and will repeat. Required. So you need to put an end to this, no matter how painful it is. And seriously, I would forbid getting married without a prenuptial agreement.

– In your current marriage, did you make it?

Obviously, not as strict as, for example, in the United Arab Emirates, when everything is bought for the wife – apartments, cars, any outfits and jewelry, exactly as long as she fits into a wedding dress. Of course, more humane, but this is important. It’s just that initially you are somehow embarrassed to offer it, and then you bite your elbows, because you are no longer parting with the person you connected with, but with another completely who is ready to take away a lot from you, and this must be taken into account. I speak based on my mistakes. But today I finally found what I was striving for, and I’m happy.