No matter how skeptics laugh at the visualization of dreams, Polina Maksimova is sure that wishes come true, the right message is needed. Admitting that her life was full of deception and betrayal, the actress, like her heroine from the television series “257 Reasons to Live”, has not forgotten how to enjoy happy moments. The series about a girl with cancer received a lot of responses from the audience, brought the actress the Cannes Series award and … helped her meet her beloved person – actor Yegor Koreshkov

– Polina, this year was difficult for all of us, but I know that you have had some very happy events …

– Yes, first of all, this is the release of the series “257 Reasons to Live”, which became a very significant work for me. It is so pleasant that both viewers and colleagues noted it.

– You won the Best Performance nomination at the Cannes Series international festival, and you were recognized as the best actress in TV series in Europe. But due to the pandemic, the ceremony took place online. Where were you when the award found the hero?

– I was at home. I was ready to fly to Cannes via Istanbul, to get there by airplane and steamer. But Cannes was declared a “red zone”, it was not possible for foreigners to get to the ceremony. I had to watch her on the Internet, it was a shame to tears that I could not walk the red carpet – after all, I had every right to do so! On the day the winners were announced, the organizers called me and warned me to be in touch from twelve o’clock. And here I am, all on my nerves, with a motherwort, waiting for a call from France, and it so happened that that day I had another prize, a Russian magazine, for which I had to prepare. And then, as luck would have it, the eye drops ran out.yes, you definitely have fifteen minutes.” And so, when I was already in my coat, stood in the corridor to go out, there was a call … Then I vaguely remember, they called me from the personal telephone of the chairman of the commission and announced that I had won the Best Performance nomination. I remember my ears were stuffy – probably the pressure jumped, and hysterics began – I began to laugh frantically, while tears spurted from my eyes. At that time Yegor had a conference in Zoom, some auditions, I burst into the room, scream, jump – in general, it was an incredible feeling that I can’t even compare with anything. (Laughs.) I jump – in general, it was an incredible sensation that I can’t even compare with anything. (Laughs.) I jump – in general, it was an incredible sensation that I can’t even compare with anything. (Laughs.)

That is, Yegor was the first to share this joy with you?

– Yes. Then I immediately called my mother and the director of our series, Maxim Sveshnikov, who was no less dumbfounded than I was. (Laughs.)

– Have you held the prize in your hands yet?

– Due to the closure of borders, he has not yet reached Russia. I’m really looking forward to it.

– What is your reward? Recognition, proof that you are on the right track?

– You have formulated everything correctly. The award has never been an end in itself for me, I do not work for this. But it’s nice and great to get the recognition of colleagues, and at the international level.This means that we have succeeded. And this is absolute proof that I am on the right track.

– At the same time, there is so much of the Russian mentality in this series, it seems to me that only we can understand this.

– Yes, and nevertheless, after “257 reasons to live” was seen in Cannes, many French people wrote to me on Instagram. Roxanne Mesquida, Chairman of the Cannes Series Jury, congratulated me. They could have just announced the winners at the official part, but, according to her, they were so moved by my work that they felt it necessary to inform me personally. It was incredibly pleasant to me!

– Especially considering that recently we have received only sanctions from the international community.

– The tense situation in the world now. Complicated attitude towards our country. And festivals, no matter how much we want the opposite, are still part of politics. It’s nice that the organizers turned out to be above this, because art should unite people. Art should give hope. I think “257 Reasons to Live” is just such a story, about belief in the best.

– Where did this figure come from – exactly 257? I read that the writers looked for some kind of statements on the forums, read stories of people who shared their experiences.

– I do not know, maybe. After all, there are much more reasons to live. (Smiles.) But the figure is beautiful. Is it a coincidence, but Alexei Lyapichev, our screenwriter, has a phone number that ends at 257. It turned out by chance, at the presentation of the second season.

– After the premiere, you were asked what you yourself would bring to life from this list. And you said: go horse riding, learn Spanish, jump with a parachute, go ice skating on Lake Baikal. Did you manage to implement any of the ideas?

– I haven’t got to Baikal yet, but I have Egor …

– Yes, it was the main desire of the heroine – to find love.

“And I found her too. (Smiles.). But I wanted to say that it is Yegor who is the main organizer of my dreams. Not long ago, he asked me out on an amazing date. We spent time outside the city, and one day he woke me up at four in the morning: “Polina, get up, get ready, just dress warmly.” I’m at a loss: we didn’t seem to be planning anything. I ask what is going on? The answer is: “Surprise.” We arrived at some field, I look around – it’s still too early for fireworks. Maybe breakfast at dawn? But then where is the table, the rug? (Laughs.) Then suddenly a balloon appears, and in five minutes we already soar over Istra, over the Jerusalem monastery, and watch the sunrise in the sky. Incredible, amazing sensations! I could not even dream of such a thing! It was a kind of childish delight. Balloons are always associated with the holiday, and, in my opinion, at whatever age they were given to you, you rejoice at it like a child. And if the ball is also so big that you can fly on it, it’s just a miracle, magic.

– Do you think the film gave a romantic message to your relationship?

– In general, the fact that Yegor drew attention to a girl with such a hairstyle is surprising to me. When I decided not to use plastic make-up for the role, but to have my hair cut baldly, I clearly understood that immersion in another reality would take place. A girl with a bald head is defenseless and vulnerable to others. We, even sometimes without realizing it, shy away from such people a little.

– Did you feel it yourself?

– Yes, I felt fully that this is a different degree of insecurity from this world. But I realized that parting with my hair was the most wonderful and correct decision on my part. It helped me both to zero myself, and to reliably play a person who has gone this way. But I thought that for the next couple of years I would not see any personal life until my hair grows back. I have a pet, a ginger cat, so we will live together. (Laughs.) Yegor surprised me. How could he fall in love with a bald girl? In general, he said that we had already crossed paths before on auditions, but I don’t remember that. According to him, then I was filming the series “Deffchonki”, I was a gorgeous long-haired blonde, but for some reason he didn’t like it. (Laughs.)

– He admitted in an interview that he fell in love with your talent while working on the set.

– It’s nice to hear that, but I’m somehow embarrassed. (Smiles.)

– After winning in Cannes? You are being shy.

– Victory does not give the right to relax and rest on our laurels. For an actor, this is an even greater responsibility. When I am asked a question about the Oscar (and I hate this question), I answer that I just do not think about it in my work. Because this is the highest acting award, and you have no right to lower the bar, to play worse. Each time you have to prove that you have rightfully received such an honor. But in filmmaking, not everything depends on the acting, there are not many good scripts now appearing. They rely on computer graphics, special effects, and sometimes there is little sense behind this. Everything is too simplistic, there is no allegory, Aesopian language.

– Is talent important for you to fall in love?

– Yes, absolutely. And I’m not just talking about male-female relationships now. When you observe people who are burning with their work, you cannot help but admire them. The moment they are busy with creativity, they completely forget about everything around. They don’t care what they look like. And it’s really mesmerizing. You want to be with such people, you want to learn from them and grow spiritually. Even though they are sometimes uncomfortable, introverted, they live in their own world, they are in no hurry to open up to everyone and everyone, but they are also attractive. I really want to be an interesting person, a personality too! (Smiles.)

“But living side by side with geniuses is very difficult.

– Unbearable, it’s true. It is difficult to stay in the same energy space for a long time with them. But, I confess, I myself am not an easy person. I do not like big companies, parties. I’m a homebody. I don’t even know what it takes to get me out of the house.

– Balloon.

– Yes, something like that. (Smiles.) I don’t like going to social events, I think there is little point in that.

– Do you coincide with Egor?

– Yes. The two of us are in our beautiful world, and we are so good and comfortable that we don’t really need to communicate. Even when it comes to social media, I’m not active enough. I can not bring myself, counting the statistics of attendance, to post at a strictly defined time, not at the behest of the soul, but because it is necessary. I believe social media was created to get feedback. I enjoy sharing my thoughts. Sometimes I post on my page some parables, poems that touched me. I want to hear a response, a response, and not just get a like under my own selfie. I may not have many subscribers, but they will be real. Recently I reviewed an interview with Andrei Konchalovsky (he came to the program to Pozner), and he talked about the film “Sin” about Michelangelo. It turns out the genius creator was ashamed to live in his time – because of the cruelty and ignorance that reigned at that time. For some reason, this topic touched me. After all, sometimes it is so difficult for us to confess, for which we are ashamed. And, of course, I would ask this question to my subscribers. These are the topics I want to raise.

– Maybe it is more interesting to discuss this in your circle?

– I have a very narrow circle of people with whom I can discuss something meaningful. After the victory in Cannes, my phone book became very thin.

– Not everyone is able to sincerely rejoice for someone else’s success?

– Yes, to put it mildly. This is our mentality: we are ready to empathize and sympathize with pleasure. Ready to pour slop on the offender, cry together. But to be glad and proud of the success of another person – few are capable of this. The test with “copper pipes” and fame is important not only for the artist, but also for his entourage. I felt it very well for myself. We parted with many old friends. We can say that there are no close friends left, except for the family.

– But you are already talking about it very calmly.

– Probably, I have matured and wiser. (Laughs.) When we are younger, sometimes we even try to cultivate depressive moods in ourselves, thinking about the imperfection of this world. I used to be very painful in betrayal. Now I began to treat this more philosophically. Gone – and gone. This means that a place will be made available for something new in life. As cynical as it may sound, there is some kind of expiration date for both people and relationships. The universe knows our ways better. Thank you for the period of time in which we were friendly, loved, happy. But when the roads diverge, you don’t have to blame anyone and hold a grudge, it won’t get any better. We must go further.

– Some caution appeared in personal relationships? Is there a mesh that surrounds the heart – in case something bad happens?

– It seems to me that it is impossible to prepare for something bad in advance. You never know how you will behave in a situation when trouble comes. Everything can be overcome, the main thing is that everyone is safe and sound. Nerves must be protected. So I know for sure from myself that all my diseases are psychosomatics. For example, I see the editing of a film and get upset because I remember how this movie was filmed, how much effort and energy was invested, and the result was disappointing. You experience a state of complete powerlessness, because you cannot change anything. Probably, we need to calmly perceive the “working moments”, but I have not yet learned. Everything related to work, I am very worried.

– And your man is also an actor and, probably, an emotional person. Are you trying to help each other at such moments?

– Naturally, when you live in an acting family, you witness both victories and creative disappointments. We are both artists, so we choose the right words and arguments for each other, why we shouldn’t be upset. But, apparently, Yegor and I met in the correct, “adult” period. As far as auditions and auditions are concerned, we both have an understanding: mine will not leave me. How many times has it happened that some project came out, where I was not approved, and I, as they say, exhaled: “And it’s good that they didn’t take me!”
– Does it happen that Yegor really likes some film, but you don’t?

– Constantly! In general, our tastes are different, from the choice of clothes to the cinema. Egor, for example, is an absolute fan of the movie “Manchester by the Sea”. I tried to watch it four times, but I could not complete it. I confess, I did not see the great acting work there, for which Casey Affleck received an Oscar. I understand why Heath Ledger was given this award posthumously. And here … it is not clear. And only after watching the film about the film, where everything was chewed on and explained to me, I realized what the director’s deep intention was. And Yegor thinks that this is just aerobatics, a great game. We argue a lot, and sometimes, in order not to swear, we just go to different rooms. I am a womanly wise move away from continuing the dialogue. (Laughs.)

– Isn’t it scary that you are so different?

– No. On the contrary. Can you imagine how boring it would be to always coincide in opinions? There is neither personality nor position in this.

– … Yegor also likes to read? Was your library useful?

– Of course. He also has a library, and we constantly have something new. Recently I had to buy a bookcase again, because there is simply nowhere to put books. Egor and I are frequent guests of bookstores, and I confess that this takes a significant part of the family budget.

– Which of the last book purchases impressed you the most?

– Anatoly Mariengof “Cynics”. Absolute lovely! I hope the readers of Atmosphere are familiar with this novel, and those who have not read it … I even envy them – they have such a thrill ahead of them!

– It’s good that you made the repairs before you began to live with Yegor. At least you didn’t have these heated arguments about what color the wallpaper should be.

– I made repairs in my apartment, and now we live outside the city and are just in a state of repair. So the Texas chainsaw massacre is in full swing: arguing over the color of the walls in the living room and the tiles in the bathroom. I love the classic English style, and Egor is a fan of the modern.. We still cannot choose the sockets. (Laughs.) It turns out that this is a very difficult question – the purchase of sockets, lamps, doors, especially when the choice is huge. A lot of time and effort is spent on trips to hardware stores., on the other hand, we are equipping our life, a house in which both should be comfortable. Therefore, you need to show wisdom, tact and mutual understanding, seek balance.

– For me, coziness is a family at the table and a constantly purring cat, who definitely needs to know that the cake we are now eating is completely inedible. (Laughs.)

– How did the cat accept the new person into the family?

– Fine, with love. The boys are on the same wavelength, they have a fraternal union. It seems to me that the redhead already perceives me as a subservient: to drink, to feed. Periodically, together with Yegor, they leave the city when I have a shoot. The redhead walks there in the yard, chases the birds. Egor goes about his business. Complete idyll.

– No, we haven’t thought about it yet. Egor and I are both spontaneous people. I love such impromptu things – when you plan one thing, and then in an instant you decide to fly away. And after a few hours you sit on the plane and think:

– But now you won’t fly too much.

– Russian cities are open. You can go on a tour of the Golden Circle, for example. Or go ice-skating on Lake Baikal. We’ll see. We are largely dependent on our own employment, while it is difficult to predict and make plans. Now the situation is also so unstable in the country, in the world. You constantly need to be ready for anything.

– The main thing is together. And where and how – it doesn’t matter!

– If we talk about gifts, do you also prefer surprises?

– As for gifts for me, yes – I like surprises. I myself carefully think over presentations to my relatives. I listen, look closely, sometimes find out what they would like. I have a lot of clever ways to do it. (Laughs.) I even choose the packaging for a long time.

– Was there a surprise gift that you remember especially?