alla Pugacheva has not been working on New Year’s Eve for a long time – this is her principled position. However, this year many of the Diva’s colleagues reluctantly followed her example. Therefore, when Alla Borisovna threw a cry and invited the inner circle to gather together on the night of December 31 to January 1, no one had to adjust their schedules.

As a result, the company gathered a notable one. Champagne flowed like a river, jokes poured in one after another. When emotions began to go off scale, Alla Borisovna could not resist and threw herself into a dance. She was supported by the wife of Igor Nikolaev, Julia Proskuryakova and Marina Yudashkina. And later other guests joined them.

“The friends saw the night,” – this is how Maxim Galkin signed an impromptu dance. I must say that Pugacheva donned for the main night in accordance with the advice of stylists and astrologers. She chose a silver blouse (the year of the Metal Bull is coming), a long white skirt and comfortable soft boots.

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