On average, a typical city dweller spends a third of the day sitting, and in a rather uncomfortable position. In this mode, by the age of 35, you can become almost the main patient of an osteopath, if you do not take up your health in time and do not reconsider your lifestyle. Stretching is one of the most effective ways to keep your back healthy . Stretching or its variant – Pilates – will help solve many problems. Which ones? This is what we tried to find out.

Energy regenerates faster

After a long day of work, not everyone is ready to bounce back for strength training. More often they choose either the pool or stretching. In addition to not overexerting your joints, you will improve blood circulation, which will ensure the best functioning of the most important systems of the body, including an improvement in brain function. Recovery after such a workout is much faster.

The pain goes away

Many have noticed that even a long stay in one position begins to bring unpleasant sensations, most often in the knee joints – if you are a fan of curling your legs on the couch, you are familiar with this problem. Stretching can, if not solve, then alleviate this problem. The thing is that with daily stress on the joints, the body begins to produce more lubricant, which helps the joint not to wear out and not cause problems to the person. Important: stretching should be done regularly, only in this case you will notice the effect.

Your posture will be envied

Returning to the problem of long-term stay in one position, it is worth noting that not only the joints suffer, but also the spinal column as a whole. If you do not change anything in your life, incorrect posture will begin to form at a high speed, and it is not as easy to correct the situation in adulthood as in childhood and even adolescence. In addition to the fact that it will be difficult for you to straighten, an ugly withers will form, the muscles will begin to contract, which will lead to the fact that your shoulders will seem to be lifted all the time. Pay attention to stretching sessions near your home if you feel that you are gradually leaning forward, and it becomes more difficult to straighten.

All systems are fine

Probably every second woman is regularly faced with problems related to the pelvic organs. The genitourinary system fails precisely because of the lack of movement and the constant presence in one position. In addition, the hormonal system stops functioning properly if you reduce physical activity and interfere with proper blood circulation. As we already said, various muscle clamps can become a serious problem, it is in your power to solve it by changing the approach to your health and the transition to an active lifestyle, including, for example, regular stretching, say, three times a week – that’s enough. so that visits to the gynecologist and urologist are reduced to one per year.