We can assume that we know everything about our car , but suddenly, after the next cleaning in the cabin, you notice stickers that you did not pay attention to before. And if some designations can still be understood at the level of intuition, then the rest of the signs have to be deciphered. We solved this problem for you, you just have to familiarize yourself.

Lightning in a triangle

The question is often asked about the mysterious triangle. But in fact, there is nothing complicated in this designation: it serves as a warning so that you do not touch the battery with your hands, since no one is immune from electric shock, and this charge is quite enough to cause serious injury to a person. Sometimes the lightning is replaced with an exclamation mark, but the meaning remains the same.

Steam boiler

As a rule, this sign is found on the cooling system reservoir. Do not try to open the cover while the engine is hot, otherwise there is a risk of getting steam in your face right from under the hood. The thing is that when the lid is open, the pressure drops sharply, which causes such a reaction.

Percent sign

Probably the most mysterious icon that 60% of motorists do not understand. But not everything is so scary – in fact, this is the headlight type code and the designation of the low beam range. For the most part, this information is intended for service workers who work to ensure that the light is comfortable for drivers in the oncoming lane. But for you, this sign can be useful in case you have to go to the store for a headlight.

Crossed out palm

We open the hood and see this sign, and what it means is not always clear. Usually this designation is made in the form of a round sign with a crossed out palm, which is located on the top of the radiator. For you, this is a call to the fact that the part is very hot and you can burn yourself if you are not careful.